Benefits of Going Out on a Motorbike, Good for Mental Health

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The benefits of going out on a motorbike can be mentally healthy. This was revealed by scientists who recently released the results of their research on World Mental Health Day every 10 October.

The research was conducted by Asda Money through a survey of 1,000 motorbike riders. However, this can only happen if you enjoy the activity. So it’s not just about traveling by motorbike.

Benefits of Going Out on a Motorbike

Rare Benefits of Going Out on a Motorbike

Based on the survey results, scientists found that the main reason for going out on a motorbike is to enjoy freedom, with 59 percent of respondents.

Then, the thrill of riding a motorbike was 40 per cent, and 34 per cent of the reasons were due to the ability to travel on a motorbike.

But what is most interesting in this case is the reason some riders revealed that using a motorbike also helps them overcome anxiety or depression.

Launching from Visordown, here are the results of research on the effects of motorbike riding that can be mentally healthy.

Brightens Your Mood

Scientists have found that riding a motorbike can release endorphins and dopamine hormones that make our hearts feel happy.

That way, when you’re in a bad mood, you can get distracted while traveling on a motorbike. After a few kilometers, the bad mood will return.

Enjoy the Fresh Air

The next benefit of traveling on a motorbike is being able to enjoy the fresh air. You will be able to breathe in natural smells when traveling by motorbike to rural areas.

Motorbikes become a hobby when doing activities outside. Because the fresh air will stimulate us by seeing green trees. So this activity is commonly called “tree bathing”, or stress reduction.

Disconnect from Technology

Disconnecting from technology is one of the benefits of going out on a motorbike. When you’re riding a motorbike, you’ll certainly get a chance to disconnect from the online world.

Although some of the latest motorbikes already have smartphone connectivity features. But you can still switch it off.

Meeting New People

When traveling by motorbike, you will usually stop at new places many times. Then you’ll meet other bikers, and you’ll have a common topic of conversation.

Because usually the topic of conversation is still about motorbike stories, routes, and the latest motorbike gossip or info. This is a great way to meet new people.

In fact, if you join a local motorbike club, you will instantly become part of a network of riders. Of course, things like this can make a person feel happy.

Motorbike is a Way to Relieve Stress

When roaming around on a motorbike, people will really sweat it out. Because riding also involves physical activity.

In fact, it is considered an exercise. Because exercise is proven to be the best way to position your mind in the right place.

According to British motorbike racer Leon Haslam, the benefits of going out on a motorbike can be a means of relieving stress. For many people, motorbikes can offer an escape. Whether it’s an escape from the stresses of everyday life. And potentially even mental issues. Because the focus we need from a motorbike is that it can make all other problems go away. Even if it’s for a short period of time, it’s worth it.