Important, Let’s Take Care of Adolescent Mental Health

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Adolescent mental health is important to maintain. Adolescence is a very unstable age. Namely, the period of transition from childhood to adulthood.

Mental health at this age is very important to maintain. Both from yourself and the environment. Age that is still unstable can sometimes lead to things that are not good.

For this reason, a teenager’s mentality needs to be truly healthy. Remember, the mental health of teenagers is very influential in various aspects. It also determines the future.

Adolescent Mental Health

How to Maintain Adolescent Mental Health

This mental health is usually not visible to the naked eye. This often makes people care less about mental health. Even though it can have a big impact on someone’s life.

Even suicide cases are sometimes the result of mental illness. However, if we were more aware, these things would not happen. For this reason, maintaining mental health is very important.

Especially for teenagers who are in a transition period. These times are quite vulnerable so we need support from many parties. So, here are ways to maintain adolescent mental health.

Always Say Positive Things to Yourself

You will benefit from always saying positive things to yourself. These positive things will encourage you to be more optimistic in living your life. On the other hand, if you always think negatively then negative things will also surround your life.

Negative things definitely won’t be good for mental health. So, to get a healthy soul, start by saying positive things to yourself.

Always be thankful

Gratitude is one way to maintain adolescent mental health. You can feel happy when you are grateful. Well, this is what can keep you mentally healthy.


So, make sure you don’t keep your problems alone. You can tell your problem to someone. Make sure to choose people who can listen.

So, also make sure you are a good listener to those around you. So we can take care of each other mentally.


Not just to maintain physical health. Exercise can also help maintain your mental health. With exercise, the body will release endorphins which will reduce stress.

Sleep on Time

Sleep is also one of the keys to mental health. Make sure you have enough sleep. Lack of sleep or not sleeping on time will have a bad effect on your mood.

So, those are the things you can do to maintain adolescent mental health. You can do it for yourself and can also help other people maintain their mental health.