Knowing the Causes of Baby Blues Syndrome in Mothers

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Baby blues syndrome is a mood disorder or psychological disorder that can occur in mothers after giving birth. For example, feeling excessively anxious and sad.

This situation causes the mother to become irritable, sad, cry, and tired without any clear cause. Mothers will even become more restless and have difficulty concentrating every day. Especially for young mothers who are giving birth for the first time.

This disorder generally appears from the first to second week after giving birth. Sometimes it can appear and sometimes disappear. That way the mother doesn’t always feel it all at once.

Knowing the Causes of Baby Blues Syndrome in Mothers

Getting to know Baby Blues Syndrome

As explained above, baby blues is a psychological condition that can be present during the postpartum period and can cause depression and anxiety in the mother. According to a scientific journal entitled How to Cope With Baby Blues: A Case Report in the Journal of Psychiatry Psychology and Behavioral Research, 50 to 85% of mothers will experience baby blues after giving birth.

Usually, this condition will appear between days 1 to 5 and can take as long as 10 days. Although most women can recover on their own without needing professional treatment. However, several women experience this situation more seriously. For example, experiencing perinatal anxiety or depression that requires medical treatment.

Not only does it get good treatment, but this situation can also endanger the health of the mother and baby. Baby blues is also related to the emotional and physical changes experienced by mothers when giving birth. Even though it is common for mothers to give birth, feelings of anger, worry, sadness, anxiety, and the like also require attention.

Causes of Baby Blues

Although it is not yet known for certain. However, the following are common causes of baby blues syndrome.

Adaptation to Being a Mother

Difficulty in adapting to the new role of a mother can also increase the risk of baby blues. Especially if the mother also needs to take responsibility for daily activities. Lack of sleep can also be a symptom of this syndrome. For example, feeling irritable and sad.

Hormonal Changes

After giving birth, there are hormonal changes in the body. These hormones can affect the mother’s mood or feelings. There is a decrease in levels of estrogen and progesterone or other hormones that the thyroid gland produces. It can cause mothers to become emotionally volatile, tired easily, and even depressed.

Fatigue and Lack of Rest

Feelings of depression can also arise due to changes in sleep patterns while caring for a baby. Not only that, there is a lack of good support from the family or the surrounding environment. It could also be a cause of baby blues syndrome. So, this situation can make the mother’s body tired due to lack of rest time.