Zumba for Mental Health Because It Brings Happy Hormones

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Zumba for mental health is also very beneficial. It’s not just running that can help overcome mental health problems that happen to everyone. But there are various types of exercise that we can do so that our mental health is always maintained.

Several factors cause a person to suffer from a mental health illness. It could be factors from family or environment and friendships and many others. What can we do to find out whether our mental health is healthy or not?

Getting to know this can be done by visiting a psychiatrist or something similar. Because after all, a person’s mental damage is marked by stress or depression and so on.

Zumba for Mental Health

Zumba for Mental Health, Try it

Not all diseases suffered by humans can be cured through drugs or injections. Several diseases are relatively mild and can be cured with therapy regular exercise and eating nutritious food. One of the diseases that is currently attracting public attention is mental illness. Without realizing it, it turns out that this can also influence someone to commit suicide because of a feeling of giving up.

This has also been proven by several cases of suicide committed by students in Indonesia. Maybe this news is also familiar. Because their mental health is unhealthy, they decide to die at their own hands in various ways. Some jumped from buildings and then there were also those who deliberately crashed themselves into trains.

As one of the best solutions to overcome mental health that is no longer good. This can be done with Zumba exercise. Zumba is a health program that combines Latin and international music and dance movements. This type of sport can also adjust the training tempo between a fast and slow rhythm. So it is very conducive to mental health.

Happy Hormones

Sometimes someone who feels that their soul is not well will feel gloomy and will be more silent. However, participating in Zumba sports can help increase happy hormones. This hormone is very useful in reducing the mental burden felt. This exercise can also help the body release more endorphins increase serotonin levels and produce oxytocin. All of these hormones are hormones that can encourage feelings of happiness.

Apart from that, Zumba exercise also relieves stress. Whether it’s due to work or something else. Because when we participate in this sport, our attention is more focused on dancing and we can distance ourselves from the daily activities that trigger stress. But not only that, Zumba for mental health can also improve your mood. Exercise accompanied by music will improve a bad mood.